Top-tier Exterior Car Detailing in Melbourne

The experience of driving a premium vehicle is designed to be enjoyed – no matter the outdoor environment your wandering in. Whether your beautifully constructed creation is a new model or a treasured acquisition from an era already passed, keeping it’s body spotless and intact often means a bit of investment and energy.

To ensure your vehicle is protected from the elements, and treated for any traces of tear throughout, it’s important to opt for high-quality exterior car detailing that suits your make and model.

We specialise in providing these services for vehicles across traditional, vintage and luxury ranges, applying best-in-class solutions for upkeeping aesthetics and automotive excellence. Keeping your vehicle in tip-top shake means providing it with special care and attention – and we’ve got the know-how to do just that.

Exterior Hand Wash Clay Bar Treatment 2 step polish Chamois Dry Tyre & Rims Cleaned & Dressed Protective Sealant




2 step polish

A 2 step polish is a mechanical process using a orbital or rotary polisher. One of our highly trained operators will use an orbital polisher to apply some of the world’s finest compounds to remove light scratches and stains from your paintwork.

Once we have finished the machining process we will then apply a sealant which lasts up to 6 months! Most places apply a wax which only lasts for one wash, therefore leaving your paint unprotected from Melbourne’s harsh weather.

Exquisite Exterior Car Detailing Across all Areas of Melbourne


Our expertly trained staff are attentive to every facet of your vehicle, with commitments to treat your car with respect and refinement. All members within our business carry skill and specialisations in detailing that protects, improves, and extends the condition of your car. Our aim? To get you back on the road quicker to enjoy the experience of driving a fine automobile that’s been well-cared for.


We offer a full exterior car detailing services that involve:


  • A thorough inspection of your car’s physical status to identify any scratches, rust, watermarks, or imperfections that will be treated during the process;
  • Cleaning all exterior elements – from wheels to badges;
  • Washing your vehicle with specialised products that remove rust, dust, and dirt to prepare the car for scratch-free conditioning;
  • Decontaminating your vehicle’s paintwork to keep it in pristine condition;
  • Drying your vehicle after washing to prevent watermarks and streaks;
  • Compounding and correcting the paintwork for a smooth, seamless finish;
  • Polishing your car to high-gloss perfection;
  • Coating your vehicle with a protective barrier that ensures it stays at its best for years to come.


We execute this process with finesses and finely tuned approaches, allowing for the highest quality care. Our staff have perfect the art of bringing out the very best in beauty with each treatment, securing long-lasting wear, no matter where you aim to explore.


Our Dedicated Service Offers Premium Care for your Vehicle’s Complete Needs


With experienced staff that are dedicated to automobile excellence, our service extends to all aspects of this form of maintenance. Alongside exterior car detailing, we offer mini solutions for targeted care, or a refresher in between your scheduled full solution.


Complemented with our interior service, our premium care honours the craftsmanship of your car, restoring it to its original aesthetic beauty and re-invigorating it for a fulfilling future.

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