Superior Quality Car Paint Correction – Melbourne CBD and Beyond

Finesse Detailing can revive your damaged, faded or scratched paintwork to a shining, mirror-like finish. Most imperfections in a vehicle’s paintwork are due to poor DIY cleaning techniques in which dirt becomes trapped between the sponge and the vehicle, often causing swirl marks and even scratches.

Finesse Detail provides car paint correction for motorists in the Melbourne CBD, Sunshine, Footscray, Caroline Springs and beyond. Our highly skilled and experienced team will measure the paint with a digital thickness gauge. This will determine how much paint remains on different parts of the vehicle. We then remove imperfections by polishing down to the depth of the defect to permanently remove them, as well as clay barring the paint work to remove embedded contamination.

This treatment will remove scratches, holograms, swirl marks, buffer trails and oxidation. We use only the highest quality abrasive polishes, compounds, buffing pads and finishing polishes when providing our car paint correction service.

Finesse Detailing will leave no buffer trails like second-rate, inexperienced service providers. We refuse to use poor quality products like those containing fillers that will only wash out after a few weeks.


Paint Corrections Performed with Pride

As a leading provider in car detailing and paint corrections, Finesse Detailing ensures that our service is of the highest quality. We refuse to settle for second best, instead using our skills and experience to ensure that all blemishes and imperfections are properly removed from your vehicle. We utilise only the most advanced equipment and quality products to ensure a top class finish.

Each of Finesse’s team are expertly trained in paint corrections to ensure that we always get the job done properly. We understand that your vehicle and its aesthetic is important to you, and therefore we take extra special care in ensuring we remove all imperfections from its surface.



So how do we tell what stage paint correction you need?

Stage One Paint Correction

Suited to cars already in good condition with very minimal to no swirl marks that are just looking for a gloss enhancement as shown in the picture below. A Stage One is not enough to remove deep swirl marks.

Stage Two Paint Correction

Suited to cars with minor to moderate swirl marks and light scratches as shown in the picture below, it involves an abrasive polish to remove imperfections followed by a finishing polish to refine the paint work further.

Stage Three Paint Correction

Suited to cars in poor condition with deeper scratches, heavy swirling or faded paint work, it involves a heavy cutting polish, followed by an abrasive polish then a finishing polish to refine the paint work further.

We take pride in what we do and love to deliver on what we promise: a top of the range of paint corrections service offered for motorists from the Melbourne CBD, Footscray, Sunshine, Caroline Springs and beyond.

Contact Our Team to Make a Booking

If you would like to book your vehicle in for a paint corrections service from Melbourne’s best, feel free to get in contact with the auto body experts at Finesse Detailing.

We are committed to providing an exceptional standard of communication to our valued clientele, and will be happy to answer any questions you have or book your vehicle in for a service at a time that is most suitable for you.

Call us on 0477 926 939 or submit an enquiry form on our contact page and we will get back to you with all the information you require.

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