Car Glass Paint Protection – Melbourne CBD and Beyond

Finesse Detailing provide our valued customers with car glass paint protection using premium Pomponazzi coating. Quartz paint protection is one of the most efficient products for ensuring your vehicle is protected from damage, as well as dirt, grime and other pollutants that distort the aesthetic of your vehicle.

We provide our premium Pomponazzi quartz coating for motorists from the Melbourne CBD, Sunshine, Footscray, Caroline Springs and beyond

5 year warranty


A Glass coating will not wash off during regular washes. It will resist harsh chemicals and acids such as bird droppings, bat droppings and tree sap which can give severe damage to your vehicles paint. Everyday driving can also damage your paint as whilst driving, road grime flicks up off your tyres and onto your paint. One of the key features of this coating is that it will resist build-up of road grime, ultimately protecting your paint which in turn leaves it glossy and protected for years to come.

The Pomponazzi process

Step 1 – Decontamination Wash

The team at Finesse Detailing first use a snow foam wash to break down dirt, grime and everyday pollutants. This softens the contaminants and makes it easier for them to be removed from the vehicle without the risk of damaging its paintwork.

Once the initial wash and rinse is complete, we then clay bar the vehicle to remove any industrial fallout and bonded surface contaminants. Once this is complete, we provide the car with a final hand wash, dry the vehicle and inspect it before moving onto the next step.

Step 2 – Paint Correction

An imperative step for detailing and preparing your vehicle for Pomponazzi Real Glass Quartz Coating. Our team of Pomponazzi paint protection applicators restore and rejuvenate the paintwork by polishing with specialised compounds, polishes and hand tools.

They start with harder compounds to remove the dullness, contaminants and hazing, with the final process being to use buffer equipment and finer products to ensure any scratches and haziness is eliminated and the paintwork restored. After an inspection, the vehicle is wiped won with an Isopropyl Alcohol wipe to remove any unwanted oils that may have been left behind during the process.

This will also reveal its true finish and allow the applicators to notice if there are any other spots that need correcting before the coating is applied. They will ensure that the surface is presented as best as possible, as once the Pomponazzi coating is applied, the surface below is locked in.

Step 3 – Pomponazzi Real Quartz Glass Coating

This is where the real beauty happens. You vehicle will reveal freshly luxurious panels, as well as an unrivalled level of glass and depth of colour. Furthermore, the protection acts a coat of arms to seal all the hard work put in by Finesse Detailing’s Pomponazzi applicators. This coating will provide protection to the paint, windows, plastics, rubbers, wheels and tyres etc.

Our applicators only have a limited amount of time to use the product once opened, so you can rest assure your vehicle will receive a full bottle of premium Pomponazzi Quartz Glass and Paint protection.

Call us on 0477 296 939 or submit an enquiry form via our contact page to receive this wonderful product on your cherished vehicle.


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