Cloth roof linings fall down because of the heat that builds up in a car,

over time the foam backing on the material crumbles away making it un-stick and fall away from the roof lining board causing the roof to fall down, once this has happened the material needs to be replaced.

Our professional repair involves taking everything off the roof such as the lights, handles, sun visors, clips, panels etc. Once everything has been taken off the roof lining is taken out of the car and given a good clean to remove the old factory glue before the new material is applied using an adhesive, then the material is applied to the roof lining board molded to the shape then cut out to size. once the roof lining has undergone a final inspection it is then fitted back into your car.


Removal of the old factory glue

Laying down the new glue

Molding the new material

Putting the liner back in

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